Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sorry Linda...I posted in comments on Andrea's blog about Todd's mom's accident. Here it is...this happened last Wednesday.

"And speaking of head injuries, my boyfriends mother (who has about 25 head of quarter horses - breeds and rides) just suffered a severe head injury today. She was out in the pasture trying to catch a horse for the farrier when one mare chased another into her. The one that collided with her had wheeled and his mom and this mare knocked heads. She was out cold for a bit, but then came to. They rushed her to the hospital because she has had a lot of head injuries (all involving horses). She has severe bleeding on the brain and they had to put in a drain to relieve the pressure in her skull. They think she'll make a full recovery, but at this point it's still uncertain. The doctor said she can never ride again because if she gets one more head injury, it will kill her (she has had bleeding on the brain at least one other time and at least 12 concussions). Too bad this one happened when she was on the ground. They are going to sell all their horses (they going to sell a lot of them anyway because it is not economical to be a small horse breeder right now). I'm sure they'll keep a few horses, but I don't know what his mom is going to do...horses are her life...her whole life. Her head injuries are not all that she's suffered around horses. She also has torn ligaments in her knee. I can't tell you how many bruises I've seen on her in just the 5 years I've known her. She is very accident prone. The only accident I've been involved with occurred when she was riding with me (her horse got tangled in a barb-wire gate and scratched my horse up too. I was unhurt, but his mom was pretty cut up and bruised - horse drug the barb wire over the top of her). Scary stuff. I feel very bad for her, and her husband and son"


Linda said...

Oh wow. That's horrible. I know some people who are pretty "accident prone" as well. And, I cringe to ride with them. I haven't had an accident or injury yet either, but I know it's always possible, no matter how cautious you are. And I should add, part of it is luck, because there were a couple of times I should have got dumped bad, but by the grace of God came out unscratched.

arlene said...

I've done and some pretty fast cross country riding over hedges and gates. I managed to come off a few too many times (spooking and refusals) and it wasn't because I was accident prone though. I think it was because I was a risk taker and didn't see any excitement in walking or trotting down trails. (I do now lol) I was totally unhurt until I fell off that one time in '85 and my life changed. Really changed.

It just takes one bad fall. What makes me so mad is I managed to fall off for no good reason that one unfortunate time. I landed on my head and the horse's hoof came down on my ankle. If he had been more careful where he put his feet I would have been fine because I was wearing a helmet and was only out for a little while.

I hope Todd's mother makes a full recovery. I love to just be around horses even if I never ride again. Maybe she could get some miniature horses to fill the need for equines.