Monday, November 9, 2009

I trimmed wild mustang hooves this weekend. I'm so glad to see that they remember their lessons earlier. It amazes me how much they actually retain. Even though I get almost no time with them, when I do finally stop to work with them, after the initial attempt to just avoid me, they fall back into their same old selves, just like back when I worked with them over the summer. And they are so good with their hooves. Trimming them is almost easier than the "tame" ones. These guys still think that they do need to listen to what I ask of them. The "tame" ones have learned what little things they can get away with. :) I wish I had pictures, because it was a GORGEOUS November weekend in Wisconsin (highs in the low 70's!). Maybe next weekend.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicken dinner

Well, I should have posted this a couple of weeks ago when we had this event. But hopefully you can still enjoy it now...if enjoy is the correct word. Remember those cute fuzzy little chicks I hatched out in May? Well, they have now become chicken dinner! My mom, dad, roommate Jen, and my grandma all had a fun afternoon catching and butchering about 35 chickens. It was quite fun. It was also my roommate's first time with butchering anything, but she really wanted to learn how to do it (she likes to be self reliant and eco-friendly), so she did it! And she did great and surprised herself.

Chicken dinner

See the facebook album for pictures of the event. They shouldn't gross any of you out, but do be prepared to see plucked chicken (dead of course).