Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Griffin update

Griffin left here April of 2013.  He went to live with a family who worked a lot with him from the ground up, then sent him to a trainer for 30 days.  He became very comfortable with them, and the trainer rode him with no issues.  I was updated regularily and was really happy to hear that he was doing so well. 

His new owner rode him over this last summer, but then had a couple issues with him.  It started with her mounting him with his head turned slightly toward her when the neighbors dog came around the corner and startled him.  He took off bucking and threw her.  She didn't get hurt that time.  Then another time, shortly after mounting again, he took off bucking, this time hurting her pretty badly.  Her husband was afraid for her, and told her she was not allowed to ride him anymore.  He again just couldn't seem to let go of the trust issues. 

She eventually this fall found a new home for him with a woman who trains problem horses.  She got along with him really well right from the start.  I guess he tried to buck her off too, but she rode him through it and they've been doing well. 

She reports that she taught him how to lay down and since that time, he's been so much more comfortable and has not attempted to buck since. 

She also says that he will have a forever home with her.  They just love him...and changed his name to "Spirit".

So, even though Griffin's been moved around a bit, I think he still has a happy ending...so far.  He is a special horse, for sure.