Thursday, February 2, 2017

Horsey Play Date

My good friend who lives nearby bought a new horse last weekend.  He is a black 8 month old Welsh/Morgan cross, and he is going to be one fancy horse!  He has a beautiful extended trot, and should mature to around 14.2hh.  I was off on Wednesday, so I loaded up Denny who is a year older than her new colt and went to her house for a horsey playdate.  It was Denny's first time loading into a trailer by himself, and last time he loaded was over a year ago with his mom.  He did ok.  He was concerned, and he didn't hop right in.  It took some convincing, but he did finally step in.  Once in he was just fine.  I really haven't worked with Denny and Charlie much at all, other than basic skills.  They both lead, tie, pick up feet, stand still, can touch all over.  I've started to lunge both of them a bit, but not much at all lately since it is so cold here.

So this impromptu play date was quite a new experience for Denny.  He met a percheron cross gelding (who was kinda bossy), the colt, a goat, a llama, and a calf.  I was surprised by how little attention he gave the goat and llama having never seen anything like them before.  He didn't care one bit about them...wasn't scared of them, and wasn't really that curious about them either.  He had his hooves full with the new horses.

We got a lot of really great pictures of them!