Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pregnant ladies

The official baby watch begins this weekend for Cody. 

She is due end of April/beginning of May.  Both her and Catlow have had some udder enlargement the last couple weeks, but it is all edema so far.  Some days their udders are much smaller and some days they are much larger.  No waxing or anything yet.  Catlow does have some clear fluid that can be expressed from her udder, but the glands are not very developed yet.  Catlow isn't due until mid-end of May, but horses can be quite variable.  It's possible Catlow has her foal before Cody.  I guess we'll just have to watch their signs.  So far, I don't think either of them are that close.  Catlow has softer muscles around the tailhead and as of a couple days ago, her udder is larger than Cody's. 


I guess we should start the official guess foaling dates?  Not sure what the prize will be, maybe just the satisfaction of being in tune with the horse?

I think Cody is a ways off...I think she'll go later than earlier, so I'm going to guess May 7th!  Right before I head out to vet an endurance least I hope she has her foal before then because I don't think I'll be able to stand being away if she's going to foal while I'm gone!

I think Catlow will go on the earlier end of her estimated due dates.  Catlow will foal May 13th!

I just hope that they foal without complications.  I know too much about what can go wrong.  I'm in general not a worrier though.  But it is there in the back of my mind.

Everyone is all out together with Ginger now.  Cody and Chico chase her the most.  Catlow only moves her out of her way.  Ginger loves Catlow and follows her everywhere.  Stormy started out chasing her quite a bit, but now she's in heat, so she's been following Ginger around like a love-sick puppy-dog.  Ginger doesn't know what to think of this strange switch from Stormy, so she still runs away from her.  You can just imagine Stormy following poor confused Ginger sho isn't sure if she's gonna get bit or not.  Stormy is always this way...she shows really strong heat, and expresses it toward the "new" horse in the herd.  If there is no "new" horse, Chico gets the lovesick puppy dog following him around.

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Pony

So, I bought a new pony last weekend.  Her name is Ginger.  She is adorable, looks like a little horse, not a pony.  She is 8 years old, can ride and drive, though needs a bit more work with the drive, I think.  She sat in a pasture the last 3 years and hasn't has anything done with her.  But she is sensitive, not pushy, and seems kind.  She likes kids.  She was a bit leery of me at first, but we are rapidly making friends.  Now hopefully she can make some horse friends too.  So far, everyone hates her.  Catlow is the only one that tolerates her, but still chases her to make sure she knows who the boss is.  Cody really hates her, but I think it's the hormones.  I haven't yet turned Chico out with her cuz I'm pretty sure he will chase her relentlessly for a while.  I want her to be comfortable here before I subject her to that.
First I turned Stormy out with her.  She was a bit freaked to be with the pony and not the herd.
But I got some fabulous pictures of her running!

Everyone got riled up and the fatty pregnant ladies ran too.  They look so awkward!  Cody is only 2 weeks out and I am so excited!!!!!!

Isn't she gorgeous?  A little horse!  She's not pushy like a lot of ponies I've met.  She's a bit more sensitive than she needs to be, but we'll work on it.  She has a lot of potential.  Oh, and she has never foundered from what I can tell of how her feet look.  

She even moves like a horse.  Big strides.
Catlow does chase her, but really not very aggressively.  Cody runs the poor pony in circles.  Which probably isn't good for a pregnant lady, so her and Chico are going to be in a different pasture for a while.

 I think Catlow is sick of being pregnant.  She often has this look on her face.  Only 5 more weeks for her!