Saturday, May 30, 2009

Some mare name ideas

Still having a very hard time finding a name for the mare. Here are a few more I found.

Kachina - from Hopi or Pueblan culture - a term for the spirit beings that inhabit natural objects (trees, sun, rocks...that sort of thing)
Faline - name of Bambi's friend - little doe
Kitsune - means fox in Japanese
Pixie - fairy or elf
Sprite - elf or forest spirit from midieval folklore.

I'm sure I'm going too deep with this, but nothing stands out yet.


Anonymous said...

(This is Andrea, for some reason I couldn't log in to my google account so I had to be anonymous.)

I like Kachina a lot. Looking at her sweet eyes in the pictures, I can see why you're having trouble with a name. She needs a special one. When I was trying to find a name for Tonka, I kept looking for something that meant sacred red earth, but never found anything I liked... I like the meaning of the name he ended up with though. And he's not all that grounded to deserve an earthy name. :)

Anonymous said...

The name Felicia, or perhaps Felice, just came to mind, somehow - she has a very sweet face, so the name for happy or glad just popped into my head! I've enjoyed reading your posts about your horses!

Kara said...

Thanks Kate!

Andrea, my aunt also likes Kachina and it is one that when I saw it in a list of mythical creatures/beings, I liked it right away. I'm leaing toward it, but not committing yet!