Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The chicks have arrived!

Yesterday our chicks started hatching. Our's is a mixed 16 hen, 2 rooster flock of buff orpingtons, silver laced wyandottes, black australorps, and araucaunas. The 2 roosters are both aracauna, and only 1 hen is. We have about 3 - 4 eggs from each hen in the incubator. We have an interesting color mix of chicks. As of right now, 31 have hatched out and we are still waiting on the last 3. 2 of those have pipped, but I fear the 3rd one is dead. There's no pecking or peeping coming from that egg.

Here is a sequence of pictures starting from the first chick last night, to the first few in the brooder, then the whole batch that hatched out today. I love chicks. These are definitely imprinted on me. When I cuddle them, they snuggle against my hand and get quiet. When they are older, we'll be eating the roosters, and probably many of the hens, but we'll keep the especially cute ones, so it's okay if I bond with a few.

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