Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Nebraska cruelty case

Tracey at Mustang Diaries commented on the animal cruelty case in Nebraska where over 200 horses were seized from terrible conditions (around 100 had already died of starvation). Most of these horses are mustangs and many of them were 3-strikes mustangs taken from the BLM.

I was looking at the horses they have available for placement in homes (called theNebraska 200 horses) and I was struck by the terribly sad look of resignation in the eyes of almost every single horse. All of the horses are thin, although some are more so than others. Many have terribly overgrown hooves and their winter hair is sloughing off in chunks with extremely thin hair beneath. That look in their eyes just makes me want to go and bring one home, just so that I can watch those eyes perk up with interest and life with good food and good treatment. I did see two in particular that I'd bring home in an instant, but I really do not have any room at all...all my space (and time) is going to be taken up by the new mustangs coming in a couple weeks. I apologize for copying these photos from their website, but I figure if it can spark any interest in any of you to go take a look at them, then maybe I helped in a way.

This mare reminds me of Catlow...and she actually looks a little perky compared to the others there.
Horse #3895
Gender: Mare
Color: Sorrel with white blaze, right rear, left and right front socks
DOB: 1992
Other: *Likely pregnant, Mare pen in arena

I really like how this gelding is put together and I think he'd make a really nice riding horse once he was rehabbed and gentled.
Horse #3836
Gender: Gelding
Color: Brown
DOB: 2003
Other: East Arena

They have dewormed, treated for ticks and lice, and Coggins tested all the horses. They ask only a $100 fee to cover these expenses, but of course, the expenses that have incurred to remove these guys from the situation they were in is far more than that.


Pony Girl said...

This makes me tear up, to see these horses so thin. I hope the damage hasn't been done and that they can gain the strength they need to keep getting healthy. I wish I had a huge ranch and endless funds (don't we all) I'd adopt several! I agree with you, would love to see the sparkle come back into their eyes!

Linda said...

It is very sad, that's for sure. I don't understand how something like that could happen. I'm glad you're putting their pictures on your blog.