Monday, May 4, 2009

More pond fun - Catlow this time

My sister got a new camera - a Canon digital SLR. She's been going crazy taking pictures. I don't mind, especially since she captured some really cool shots of Catlow this weekend.

On Sunday, the kids came out and we all went down to the pond (3 neice and nephews, my sister, her husband, and our 5 combined dogs). I rode Catlow down, since I'd not gotten a chance yet to ride her through the pond. She really liked it, but did not offer to roll in it at all. I think she'd have to have Cody along to feel comfortable enough to do that.

Aren't these great shots that my sister took?

Update on Todd's mom - it sounds like she'll be coming home from the hospital tomorrow. So, she is not supposed to have any contact with the horses for 6 months, since she can't risk getting a bump to the head. Todd says she will not be allowed to step foot inside the barn. It does sound now like that no riding ever again rule is not so hard and fast. I think she can risk something like riding after a year of letting her brain heal. But, even then, she is going to have to be very careful. So, in a few weeks, she'll be heading to the doc to get her knee fixed up too. I think it's an opportune time, since she will have no choice but to sit around and let her knee and her brain heal. The knee is an ongoing problem that she's had and actually had fixed before, but she didn't give it enough time to heal properly, so the ligament tore again (kinda like my dad with his shoulder - you just can't keep active determined people inactive enough to heal up tendons and ligaments). Also, the language/speech problems she was having seem to have cleared up. She's pretty much back to normal and giving everyone hell again. They are still selling off many of their horses (was happening anyway). They had around 30 head through the winter, but it sounds like for sure, 20 of those are going (some have already been sold, and some others are being send to major sales in May).

And Ms. Turkey is laying eggs again. I actually got to watch her lay one. She had her tail up and was straining, so I stopped to see what she was doing. She kept straining and chirruping quietly and I start to see this whitish thing poke out, and then, plop, a wet shiny new turkey egg! It was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. So, I think Ms. Turkey's zest for life will give her a pardon for a while longer yet anyway.

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Linda said...

Kara--I must have missed what happened to your Todd's mom. I looked back on your other posts and couldn't find it. I have been busy, though, so missing a lot of blog updates! I'm trying to catch up on everyone. It sounds pretty bad.

I love the new photos--I really wish I had a pond like that. :)