Saturday, May 30, 2009

Even closer!

Today, Griffin came even closer to eat his grass than he did yesterday. And I was able to turn and face him while sitting on the ground and while talking to him. And he still came this close! I was NOT using the zoom on the camera, either! He's also not moving away every time I make a movement now when I'm standing near the panels. At one point, I came to his pen and just sat on a chair up on the bank. At first, he moved to the other side of his pen, but then he came right over to the panels near me and looked at me, as if to say "where's my grass?" I'd call that progress.

I also found a huge chunk of pus in his water today but he's not draining from his glands. This is either snot, or maybe he coughed in his water. He does have a lot of bright white goo in the corner of his eyes (you can kinda see it in the picture), but I have no idea what it is being caused by. Perhaps he just has a cold.

Ms. Mare needs to be worked with. Today she kept trying to dodge around me to eat the hay I'd just thrown down to her, but I kept cutting her off because she wasn't offering to sniff my outstretched hand. Finally she did and then I left to reward her. She lets me walk pretty close to her without moving off what she's doing (usually eating) as long as I'm not looking at her.

At one point, she was relaxing in the barn when I checked in on her.

And the fat piggies had a little more pasture time today. They were happy and stuffed themselves again. I bribed them back into their over grazed pasture with grain and once they'd finished, they wanted to go right back out, but found that the fence was shut, so then they had to stand on the hill and sleep off their full bellies. They were full, but they would have gone right back out and continued eating! Maybe I shouldn't put them out there full time. They are going to get so fat!

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Andrea said...

I'm so glad Griffin is getting more comfortable.

That mare is such a cutie! Hope she's feeling better.

These mustangs are such easy keepers! It's not so "easy" when you have a lot of grass and they're more than happy to eat it all. Mine are all a little fat.