Friday, May 15, 2009

More work on the mustang pens

Today, my dad and I put 2x6 boards along the bottom edge of our mustang pens. Since our panels were only 5ft, we raised them 1 ft and bolted them to posts. The board along the bottom filled in the gap left by raising them so that there is no gap larger than 1ft. This way they won't even consider trying to go out underneath. There are no pictures quite yet because we still need to finish up lining the tin with plywood and getting a load of sand. I'll take pictures when it's all done, which will be before this next Friday because that's when we pick them up!!!!!

I'm super excited, but I have so much to do before then, not just with getting them ready, but with my physics courses. I have to do 2 more chapters before Monday, take my 3rd exam, then do 3 more chapters and take my 4th and final exam on Friday after we pick the mustangs up. This is much much faster than I completed the 1st course. I can tell the pace if affecting how I'm doing though...I am not taking enough time to go back over stuff and really get it down, so my grades have been a little lower this time around, but I'll still pass. Passing is all I need to do to fulfill the prerequisite anyway.

Wish me luck! As soon as this class is over, it's all horses for me...well, not really, I also have to reanalyze some data for my master's research and get my final manuscript finished and sent out for publication before the summer is over, so I really just have too much to do. But the horses will be a much larger priority after this class, and I WILL get more riding time and will hopefully get these new mustangs gentled quickly. Can't wait!!!

And the new chicks are just growing like weeds! They already fill their box up by quite a bit more and have grown little primary and secondary wing feathers. They are also a lot more active. Now they spurt around and run and hop, bowling eachother over in between periods of quiet rest and sleep. They are also getting a little more spunky and if I move to catch one, they run away, but if I don't try to catch and just move my hand around in the box, they run to me. Silly chicks.


arlene said...

Good luck with your physics courses.

I'm looking forward to seeing your new horses.

Pony Girl said...

Can't wait to see the pens. One of the interesting things about adopting a Mustang is meeting all of the requirements.
Good luck with the classes...I don't miss those days, LOL!

Linda said...

How exciting for you! I can't wait to watch the progress. You're awfully busy!