Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good news!

My dad had his shoulder surgery today (he had this done 2 years ago but he didn't rehab slowly enough and so reinjured it). The doctor thought they were going to have to reattach the tendon to the bone, but it turns out that it just has a tear (I think my mom said it was a longitudinal tear, but not sure), so they were able to just sew it back together. This means that his recovery time will be faster, which should be more do-able for my dad (he's a guy that can't sit around and do nothing for months on end...he'd go crazy!). Originally, the docs told him he'd be out of commission for 4 months, and wouldn't be back to fully functional for a whole year! He is apparently still sleeping off the anesthetic right now, but will be able to come home tonight, and he's going to be thrilled to hear the good news! But, we still need to keep on him about not using that arm!!!

Ms Turkey has started laying eggs. That's a sure sign of spring! I need to go over and do chores, but I expect the 5th egg today, although there will only be 3 eggs in her "nest" because I took the 2 freshest ones yesterday and ate them for breakfast this morning! They were yummy; Thanks Ms. Turkey! It's really too bad they are not fertilized because I'd be hatching them out instead of eating them...I love baby turkeys!


Mom said...

Not much meat on a baby turkey is there?

Andrea said...

I'm glad your dad's surgery went so much better than expected!

Those are cool eggs!

I don't think I commented on your last post. I like the way you raised the panels. The way I've seen people do it before is by putting them up on cinderblocks, with no extra board at the bottom, and I've heard they might try to crawl out of that. Besides, it just doesn't seem sturdy. Maybe they put posts in too and I just don't remember that part.

I hope you don't end up leaving one of your new horses at the adoption. Especially the Tonka look-alike! She's so pretty and she looks like she's put together well too.