Tuesday, April 21, 2009

eggs and art

Today we put eggs from our hens (we have 2 roosters) in our still air incubator. Hopefully in 21 days, we'll have healthy peeping chicks! I've been successful with this incubator in the past, but only mildly so...a good percentage of the eggs I've tried to hatch before died between 19 and 21 days. I think that they suffocated from not enough air circulation. I did buy a fan to install into it after my last hatch, but I ended up not hatching any more eggs until now, and after sending stuff home from ID a year ago, then having my parents move, we've misplaced the fan. Oh well. I poked a few more holes in the incubator hoping to increase the air circulation. If it doesn't work, maybe we'll find the fan and try again.

Went shopping with my parents today and found a print on sale at Menards. It's a really pretty painting, so I got it.

I love the detail on the horses and dogs...especially the snowshoes! This will go along with a really neat large print that I gave Todd for Christmas one year. That print was two young native American boys play hunting in the woods with their bows (which were authentically painted according to Todd, who is quite the expert on the subject). The title of that painting is called "school days".

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