Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On the road!

So, right now I am in Spearfish, SD. Last night we stayed in Butte, MT. We left yesterday (Monday) around 3pm. The drive has gone well, aside from being totally wiped out yesterday after finishing packing and cleaning in the morning and getting on the road late. My jeep is an interesting traveling ecosystem right now! Not sure if I've ever mentioned how many pets I have, but in the jeep, I have 3 cages full of finches, 4 cats (riding loose because it's too long of a trip and they are more stressed when contained), 2 dogs, Todd and myself! I know, what a menagerie. We have gotten some interesting looks on the road. Here are some pictures of our trip so far.

This is Sunday morning looking out my apartment window. I was NOT happy to see snow.

Here, we are stopped at a gas station just off I-90 still in ID. The trailer pulls pretty well.

The birds...the cages are sitting on a shelf. Under the shelf, I have a little box and blankets for the cats. The birds have been riding surprisingly well. They sing and have even taken baths in the water dishes while going down the road! I bring them into the hotel room at night because they'd freeze in the car. The dogs come inside too. Unfortunately, the cats have to stay in the car...but they have lots of blankets to stay warm.

Nermal rides pretty well. Here she waits for me to come back in...or let her out, one of the two.

Ghost isn't as comfortable. She prefers to stay hidden. The others stay hidden as well.

Nermal's favorite place to ride is on my lap. She is completely comfortable with this traveling thing.

Here is a view of the mountains heading over the continental divide at Butte, MT.

And another picture of Nermal sitting on my lap.

I am tired, and really can't wait to get home. I think I might sleep for a few days! We should arrive at my parent's house in WI late Wednesday night.


Andrea said...

I'm glad the trip is going well. That is a lot of animals in one car! I can't believe the birds are so comfortable with it. That's great.

arlene said...

I hope you and the crew are at your parents home safe and sound by now.