Thursday, October 16, 2008

Preparing to move - Oct 2008

Chico comes to visit with me when he sees me enter the pasture (last weekend).

Tomorrow morning, the vet is coming out to do the health checks and coggins tests on my three horses. I am getting them ready to move from Idaho to Wisconsin in mid-November. Chico and Cody have been trailered several times, but Catlow has not. I've only loaded her, given her a bit of grain, tied her, closed the dividers, walked around, then went back and unloaded her. I've done that several times this year and a couple times last year. It's not my trailer, otherwise I would have taken her somewhere by now. I think she'll do okay. She's completely relaxed about loading, but the floor has never started moving under feet yet!
I am moving to Wisconsin in March, but wanted to get my horses there before the depths of winter, simply for cost effectiveness. My parents have hay fields and lots of pasture in Wisconsin and neither are being used right now. They cut hay this summer and put it up. It will be so much cheaper than paying to feed them out here!

My Dad will come out and together we will drive them to Wisconsin. I think it will be a fun trip. Does anyone have any good "horse hotels" to recommend between Idaho and Wisconsin? We'll be taking I-90 all the way there.

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