Friday, October 17, 2008

Chico round pen session - video

I found the video that I made of the mustangs the first year we had them. My mom had made it into a DVD for me (it was recorded with an old VHS tape), and I figured out how to get clips off that DVD. I uploaded Chico's clip to youtube. It's not the best quality because I had to save it in a low quality format to make it a usable size.

If you are interested, here's the link. The is not the whole video I has recorded. This is a 7-8min long section, taken from the end of the video when we were getting to the point of touching him.

I do have video of Catlow, and I'll post that soon, as soon as I get it uploaded (takes a long time!).

Yesterday, the vet came out to draw blood on the three. They were so good. The vet had never been around mustangs before and was pleasantly surprised by how nice they looked and how well behaved they were. He had to poke Chico about 7 times in the neck because he couldn't hit the vein right away. Chico just stood there completely relaxed and let this stranger poke him in the neck. He said he heard some mustangs turn out really well, but that some are very difficult to work with. I was glad I could show him his first mustangs as well-trained/behaved!

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Andrea said...

I was wondering if maybe we had the same vet, but I guess not. :) Glad you could show him some good examples of mustangs! Drives me crazy how people say "some of them are difficult" as if that's not true of ALL horses regardless of breed! Silly.

Going to watch your video now.