Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a few pictures to keep everyone happy!

Today, I just want to share a couple of pictures of a trail ride I had with a friend. Back in July 2008, my friend trailered her horse down from Spokane, and we went riding around near where I keep my horses. There is a really great canyon and lots of CRP land and plowed fields to ride in. This ride was special because both my friend and I have been working really hard to gain the trust of our horses (her's, a performance bred quarter horse, and mine, a skeptical, fearful mustang mare (Catlow)). At this point, I'd probably taken Catlow on less than 30 rides, but she had progressed so much since the beginning. I actually kept a journal of Catlow's training which I started back in February. I really will get into the journey we've had soon (I'm going to post Catlow's journal), but I need to share pictures, partly because of Andrea's post recently. When I saw her post, I was struck by how similar our riding habits and friends are! I love the dogs running out front on her trail ride (my two run like that as well), and the picture of her horse grazing on the break...well, you'll see from mine.

My friend on her quarter horse.
Catlow grazing on our break. I only have this picture of her because I was the one with the camera.
Looking south down the canyon toward Kendrick. I love where I's so beautiful.

I have two dogs. This is Jasper taking a break in the dirt while my friend and I rest our horses (we had just climbed a pretty steep hill in plowed dirt...very difficult).

Crossing water! For my friend, this was her horse's first time! She did great.

Almost home. We had a great ride (long ride, but her horse needed to be out long enough to actually calm down).


Andrea said...

Beautiful pictures! It does look a lot like the ride we went on. The dogs are my sister's though. Tonka hates them. I think he'd stomp them if I let him. We're working on that...

I have two dumb dogs that won't stay with me, so they don't go much of anywhere except on a leash. One is part whippet so she chases anything that moves and the other just takes off. One of these days I'll get a good farm dog.

spottedmules said...

My gelding, Chico, tries to stomp them when they go in his pasture (there's this mutual hate/hate relationship between him and my dog, Sage...neither trusts the other). How ever, Chico pretty much ignores them on when I'm handling him and when we are on the trail.

My dogs are naughty once in a while (when they see a deer), but they always come right back, so I don't fret about them.

Andrea said...

I just realized I made it sound like I don't like my dogs. Not so! They're great, super lovey and sweet, just not good at running around loose.

Linda Reznicek said...

Beautiful location. I know that area well--my parents almost bought a horse property in Juliaetta when we first moved to Idaho in '84. Broke my heart, we didn't get it because that is some of the most beautiful country in the world.