Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meeting a mustang lover

Today, Andrea came out and we went for a trail ride. We wore blaze orange so that we would be safe going into the canyon. There was no sign of any hunters, so I think we were safe!

Andrea's mustang, Tonka, has such thick bone! I was surprised! He is an interesting mix of stout and light (he's not thick through the body, but his bone is amazing!).

We had a really good ride. It was a beautiful fall day. Tonka was very laid-back and Catlow was quite calm too (she did get nervous a couple of times). Tonka learned to put up with my crazy dogs crashing all over!

It was great to be able to chat about our horses. I hope that I can find a group of mustang lovers in Wisconsin.


Andrea said...

Eww, what a horrible sweatshirt!

I had a lot of fun yesterday, thanks for inviting us out. Can't wait to do it again.

spottedmules said...

Yeah, it's a little bright, eh? Kind of draws your eye right to it...can hardly see the horse!

So, I was all determined to go get that buckskin paint filly and I had it all set up to do so, but this morning the voice of reason won out. I won't be getting her...I have enough horses!