Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Garden is growing!

I have been terrible about posting lately. I would post more often, but the internet connection at our house is very weak and lately I haven't been able to get internet there at all. We share with my sister who lives next door, but I think the distance is just a little too great sometimes, especially when it's rainy outside it seems.

It is summer, and there are so many things going on that I'd like to post about, but I feel very behind, so I might do a few posts to break it up by topic and make catching up not so overwhelming!

First of all, my garden is growing! I don't have any super recent pictures, and the ones from even a week ago seem so outdated already!

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago now.

The last couple of nights, we've had fresh lettuce, radishes and young onions from our garden, along with hamburgers from beef that Todd raised. A real home grown meal!

My horses are so fat and happy. I wish I had more time (and wasn't pregnant so I could ride and really work them). They don't mind that they only have to be pasture pets for now. You can tell that Griffin and Kachina are both still growing a bit. They are the only horses of mine that are not overweight on the lush spring grass!

I'm really pleased with both Griffin and Kachina's progress. I recieved their BLM title applications in the mail. The vet that I'm riding with will stop out next week to sign off on the forms, so then I will officially own them! Even though I hardly do anything with them, except go out to visit them in the pasture, they have both calmed down so much. Being with a stable herd of tame horses has especially done wonders for Kachina. She would always follow me around, but her hyperreactivity to things is slowly fading. She used to get snorty when she would try to follow me, but I was carrying something through the pasture (like a big bowl full of scraps for the chickens). Now, she is still leary about sniffing the bowl, but she will at least let me scratch her when I'm carrying it! And this is all without doing anything with her expect showing up and petting her whenever I happen through the pasture. I know it is not ideal. I wish I could work with them more often, but I also think that this calm slow approach is working with both of them. Even skeptical Griffin really lets me approach him and will even approach me out in the pasture to get a good chest rub. Griffin is quite full of himself usually. He's very polite with me, but he will try to chase and stomp my dogs (they know, and they stick super close to me, or stand outside the fence to watch when I am with the horses). And he's always roughhousing with Chico and Kachina. It cracks me up that Kachina likes to roughhouse with the boys. For such a petite little mare, she has some spunk and sass!

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