Thursday, May 27, 2010

Had a farrier out to do my horses...

It's been busy around here since school got out!

Today, I just finished with the farrier. He came out to trim all 5 of my horses. I was recommended this farrier from a friend. He does her horses and she said he's very quiet and got her little handled difficult mare to stand like a pro while he does her feet. And I went out to look at her horses feet to see if I liked what he did. Well, it took him 3 hours total to do all 5, and more than half of that time was spend on the wild ones. My "tame" horses all stood tied for him like old pros (and they have had other people work on their hooves before). The wild ones were definitely leary about this new stranger, but they settled down and did alright, although both of them gave him some trouble with the right hind (which was also the last hoof he did). Interestingly, that is the same hoof both of them gave me trouble on the time before and it was also the last hoof I did that time. I think they sort of get fed up with standing by that time (at least when I did it because it takes me so long), and when they start taking their hoof away and I have to start asking for it back, they start to get worked up and it takes even longer. We had to do the rope trick on both of them. It worked. Hopefully they are a little better on that hoof next time. And I think I will mention to the farrier to maybe not let that foot be the last one next time.

All in all, I was proud of them with a complete stranger working on their feet, and now I have a herd full of horses with nice trimmed feet! That feels good!

Last weekend was my middle sister's wedding. It turned out so beautiful and very elegant. She's been planning it for a year and half and every detail was perfect. I don't have pictures of her to post, but I do have one picture of me getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Here I am showing off my baby belly. I am exactly 24 weeks in this picture.

I've also been out with the local dairy veterinarian once so far and I will go with her again tomorrow. That was interesting...we did herd health checks (mostly pregnancy checks and one surgery on a displaced abomasum) and also some health and tuberculosis checks on some Amish cattle that were relocating to South Dakota. Tomorrow, we go to a local 4,000 cow dairy. Wow. I think tomorrow will be very interesting. I've never seen anything that big before! I don't really plan to work with dairy that much. I'd like to focus on horses (and other farm animals), but I think it is inevitable that I may also need to work on dairy too...especially if I'd like to make any kind of money around here. Most people around here don't spend too much on their horses.

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Linda said...

I LoVE the baby belly. It sound like you're keeping pretty busy for being pregnant, too.

My farrier has pointed out that same "last hoof" connection, so he always ends with a different foot--lately it's usually the fronts he ends with.