Thursday, June 17, 2010

Latest ultrasound pics

Our baby is almost 28 weeks along in gestation now! I just had my latest doctor appointment and ultrasound this week. She's growing well and all seems normal thus far! The 3-D ultrasound pictures we go are absolutely precious. The detail and shape is amazing! I think I can see that she may even have my nose! I'm getting excited to be able to see her in person (in less than 3 months already!). But I have so much to prepare for that! We will be painting her room soon (brown is my color of choice, so that I can fill it with many brightly colored objects like yellow curtains and wall hangings).


nikki said...

Congrats! Wow the 3D pictures are amazing!!!!

arlene said...

Wow this is so exciting. She has a lovely face.