Monday, March 9, 2009

Would you rather be in Peru or Idaho?

Normally I say IDAHO, because I will always be a northern temperate region girl, but Ugh!!! It's snowing ALOT again today! It IS pretty in a way, but I am really not looking forward to pulling a uhaul trailer in the snow for 1800 miles. And isn't it supposed to be spring? Well in a few days anyway.

Well, as promised, here are some Peru pictures to take you away from the snow and to that steamy insect infested jungle. These pictures are of a troup of monkeys we saw while hiking down the trail around the research area. I think these are squirrel monkeys, but of course, my memory fades... These guys and us were traveling the same direction (they in the trees and us on the ground). We were able to see them several times because sometimes we'd pass them (and they'd stop to watch us), and then sometimes they'd pass by us when we'd stop to look at something.

But see, even the monkeys are itchy from the insect bites.

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