Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Once again I have not written in a long time. I'm so swamped at work, and when I'm not working, I'm alternating between being happy and depressed about leaving here. To top it all off, I'm battling one of the many colds that are floating around right now. I am hoping to be home in exactly 4 weeks from today. In 3 weeks I'll be done with work so that I have a week to pack up and clean my apartment.

I have an update on Chico's leg abscess. See my original post about it and what the vet said back in November, if you haven't heard about this before.

Post about chicos abscess

Post from the vet

So, it's been draining pus on and off this whole time, since last November. We were pretty sure there's still wood in it, but he was never lame on it and it never seemed infected (he never had a fever). My dad checked it regularily. Since it wasn't an emergency, we were waiting for better weather to do anything about it. We couldn't have the vet out to put him under and open it up in the below zero weather! Well, it finally warmed up, so my dad made an appointment for next week to get it opened to remove the wood we suspect it still there.

Well, today, my dad went up to check on him and saw something dark sticking out of the abscess hole. He grabbed it and pulled out a pointed piece of wood over an inch long!!! He says there is hair stuck in the very pointed tip, as though it was ripped off and pushed into his skin with the stick. Now, I'm only surprised the wood is that big because when I had the vet out to see him right after he was poked by the stick, she probed the wound, said it didn't even go all the way through his skin, and there is no wood in it. And she charged me and arm and a leg! Clearly, it went through the skin, and there was a HUGE peice of wood in it! I'm not sure how she couldn't feel it! It must have also been pretty deep. I'm amazed that it actually managed to work itself out. Our bodies are so amazing! Just over 5 months, and his body finally expelled the stick (it didn't start abscessing until 2 months after the accident). We will still take Chico in to the vet next week just to be sure that there isn't any wood remaining in there. Although, if his body could expell THAT, then I'm not too worried about other tiny pieces!

So, other updates...I've been accepted to vet school! There is only 1 problem and that is that they want me to fulfill my Physics prerequisite before May 31st...which might be impossible, but I'm trying to arrange something. I knew I was missing physics, but I didn't think they'd be so strict on their deadline. Apparently they sent me an email in November telling me that I needed to get physics done (which I could have if I had known then). Unfortunately, I have no record of that email. I think that my email might have lost it...the university uses Windows Live and I've heard other people losing emails. It really sucks, but there's nothing I can do about it. Good news is that I apparently had a very strong application, so if I can't get the physics done in time for this fall, I am almost guaranteed of being accepted next fall. That is quite a relief, although I really just want to get it started now. It's a 4 year program.


Andrea said...

That is a big piece of wood! I'm glad it finally came out. I bet he is too!

Congratulations on getting accepted! That is so exciting. I hope you can get your physics done in time to start school next fall.

Kara said...

I was working when the vet came out originally, and Todd said that he pointed out this hard lump just under the skin near the wound, but the vet said it was nothing...she didn't know what it was and it couldn't be wood because the wound didn't go through the skin. So, Todd saw the wood, but the vet didn't? Crazy!

nikki said...

Wow that is a chunk of wood! I'm shocked the vet didn't notice it when they were prodding around- you'd think you could feel something that size... Glad it's out now tho!

Congrats on the vet school

It took me FOREVER and lots of searching to figure out how to create a highlighted link in your post. You type a word (or more) then highlight them. Then you go click the little globe icon (link). It'll pull up a window and in the url you type in the web address (or paste a link). Then click okay and you're done. Hope that was what you were looking for! :D

arlene said...

Well done about getting into vet school! I hope everything turns out for you.

The vet should have found that splinter because it's more like a log. But at least it's out now.

Kara said...

Nikki-thanks! That insert link was so easy I am embarrassed! I didn't realize you had to highlight the text first...that was my mistake. Thanks! Now I can have cool links in my posts like everyone else!