Friday, March 13, 2009


Ha ha! I've been posting more often lately because I'm supposed to be swamping myself in my physics homework...but it's just so uninspiring! It's actually not bad...the problems are going fine (it's all just math), but they take so long to do! It takes me about 5-6 hours to read a chapter and complete a set of problems for homework. I'm in the middle of chapter 3 right now, and hoping to finish through chapter 7 this weekend. Then take my first exam next week!

So, with working fulltime (and trying to tie up at work, which is requiring long hours), and spending 5-6 hours on each chapter, I am not getting to do anything FUN! Yes, I'm complaining. I apologize. Really, what I'm doing is procrastinating.

So, to make sure I procrastinate in style, I wanted to post some pictures. I took these in the fresh snow the other morning.

Both of these tracks were made by the same species of animal. Do you know what they are?

I'm not trying to imply that you don't, but this is one of those parts of my personality (sharing my enthusiasm for the outdoors and quizzing you to test your knowledge and teach something). I like teaching and thought at some point maybe that's what I should go into...who knows, I still might...teach at a veterinary college someday far in the future! It's a dream.

And this is my cutey dog, Sage, eating snow. Both of my dogs LOVE snow, as do most. They turn into playful pups and roll and run and wrestle when we get fresh snow that impedes their movement. Watching them makes it hard to wish the snow would just all go away because it is supposed to be spring.

And another great update! I finished my scarf! After I got sick of the hats (after I made about 17 of them), I got back to my scarf, which was the original thing I started to make. It's done now. It is huge, warm, sparkly and just pretty, and I really appreciated it earlier this week when we got that fresh snow and bitter cold. And of course I made a hat to match it (pom pom and all!).

Chico had a vet visit on Wednesday. The vet said the abscess is healing up fine, and that it looks like that wood was all of it. She didn't have to put him under to examine him. She said there is some scar tissue forming there (thickening of the skin), but it will heal up fine. He is currently a little lame in that leg. We think he slipped on ice (they were running around like crazy shortly after it became really cold again last weekend and turned all the melty to ice). Vet said it looks like a bruised or pulled digital flexor tendon, but that he'll be fine.

So, all is good in the horsey world (but of course, that accident prone horse had to get ANOTHER injury on the same leg...that's 3 different injuries to the same leg now!). And I'll get to see my horses in less than 3 weeks!


Andrea said...

Chico needs to quit doing that! Glad he's going to heal up fine though.

I had a bird named Chico for about 14 years. He was a cockatiel, really lovey, and he laughed, coughed, said Andrea, said "Chico, whatcha doin'?" and wolf whistled. Oh yeah, and he bocked like a chicken. You had to know what he was saying to understand it, I don't think a stranger would have recognized it as speech. :) He was awesome.

Are the prints from a pheasant, with a big tail print in the first one? We have lots of swooshes of wings taking off in the snow out here, some of them teeny tiny. I like them.

Oh, I've been meaning to say that if you don't have time to come out and ride again or if the weather stays bad, I can bring your DVDs into town to you. I hope we can go for a ride, but no pressure if you can't.

Kara said...

I had a cockateil named Peppy, but she never learned to talk. I think males are more talented at that.

Yep, prints are from a pheasant coming in for a landing and then walking away.

I'd really like to come out again, but I'm just not sure how it's going to happen. We'll see though. Maybe I'll get caught up (unlikely) and I can go for a ride!

nikki said...

Hahha! I was thinking those prints in the snow were from your dog! :D

Gotta love the accident prone horses *rolls eyes* glad to hear he's healing up well and the wood is all gone! Bet you're getting excited to go see them. I was gone from mine for 3 days on a road trip back to Colorado and I was having major horse withdrawls. I was ready to pull over by every herd I saw along the way to get my horse fix. I don't

nikki said...

Oops dunno what happend with the rest of my comment but I think the rest of it was:

I don't know how you manage but I'm sure it helps to get pictures and have horse friends where you are at.