Saturday, March 21, 2009

My dad is having fun with Chico

Well, I've been plugging away at work, and this evening at 8:20pm, I did the last batch of lab work that I'll ever do in ID! Now I just need to finish up the analysis that takes place after the lab work, organize some things for the person taking over for me, and then I'm done! I have a week starting next Tuesday to pack up and clean my apartment. I'm excited.

I've also been continuing with Physics. I took my first exam earlier this week. I think I did okay, but I don't think the professor has graded it yet. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to get more assignments finished, although I'm already behind with the push I've been doing at work...just not enough time to do both.

Meanwhile, my dad has been having lots of fun with my horses...namely with Chico. He's been riding each one around bareback. Catlow has apparently settled in quite well and isn't worried anymore. He took her for a walk around the property and she was really relaxed. Today, he took Chico out, rode him bareback a bit, then led him up to our little cabin in the woods. Chico will go anywhere as long as you give him a chance to check it out first. My dad loves him. He's having so much fun. I'm really glad, but I'm also jealous. I can't wait to get home and ride too!

I'm also trying to follow the progress of all the people and their mustangs at the makeover! I'm so excited for them all and it is just so personal after having read about their progress all along! I feel bad for Tracy that Steve Holt! was nervous, but we all know how great he is! And Princess is such a pretty little mare...I really wish I could be there in person. I'm cheering you all on! And thanks to Andrea at Mustang Saga for posting all the wonderful pictures and updates!


Andrea said...

Your dad looks like a great guy! Those are awesome pictures. :D

I wish you were here too! Keep up the good work though, it'll be so worth it.

Linda said...

Your dad looks like he's REALLY enjoying your horses!! For goodness sake, you better hurry back there or they won't like you anymore!!! Looks like they're having the time of their lives!!