Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thought you might like to hear about the tame horses for once!

Catlow has been getting out daily the last several days. She was walking through the electric fence. I fixed it repeatedly, but I was too chicken to test it myself. It turns out that we had wired the new larger pasture incorrectly and so it wasn't hot all the way around! It took this long for a horse to figure it out and brave the fence. And of course, it's because their pasture is becoming eaten down, but it is by no means barren of grass. She just discovered how easy it was to graze through the fence, and then just step through, bagging out the wire as she went. Cody and Chico still respected the fence and so they never went through.

So, we fixed the connections, and then increased their pasture to include the lower part of the field too. They've got some NICE long grass to graze now.

Here are some pictures of them exploring the new pasture, with the dogs tagging along and getting in trouble for chasing them when they ran at one point!


Andrea said...

Naughty Catlow! Ours will do that too, once the grass is eaten down. Even the old horses who are supposed to be well-behaved.

I love the floating dog head in the grass!

Linda said...

Lucky you, with all that grass!! We did the same thing with the fence and Beautiful put it in her mouth--didn't get shocked (she tested it for me, you could say)--I had Shiloh run and turn it on--she put it in her mouth again and ZAP. It was a good lesson for her--you NEVER know when that darn fence is on!