Monday, July 13, 2009

Griffin is progressing - both with his wound and me!

So, I've had an eventful weekend with the horses! I was able to scratch Griffin on the face, neck and chest with my hand. I had to use the pole in the beginning of each session to get him more comfortable with me being close to him (he really likes the pole), but by yesterday evening, I was able to set the pole down, and walk up to him and begin scratching his neck, and he stayed put and seemed to enjoy it! I have to "warn" him though, by moving my arm in a scratching motion before I touch him. If I just reach for him, he gets worried and moves away. I was even able to apply with my fingers a poultice made of epsom salts and aspirin to his abscess to help it drain. Now that it is draining, his leg is not swollen and he seems to feel a lot better. He was trotting around his pen yesterday. The previous day, I was even able to put fly spray on him, by wiping him with a wetted rag wrapped around the pole! I think he's progressing very nicely!

I'll post about Kachina's work later this evening.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful - he looks pretty relaxed. To me, it seems like great progress in a very short time. Glad the abscess is draining - he should feel much better.
He looks like he's going to be a very sane horse.

Pony Girl said...

Wow, how neat to see you touching him! I remember you being really worried when you first brought him home, but look at your progress! He is a handsome boy! I'm glad the abscess is draining, it should heal up pretty nicely now.