Friday, July 3, 2009

Griffin - still getting bigger

Griffin's chest is just huge now. And the the fluid from that chest swelling is filling up his left leg and between his legs. He's stiff and walks very carefully. I talked to the vet yesterday (but one that doesn't actually see many horses, because the two local equine vets are BOTH on vacation!!!), and seeing how we can't handle him, they didn't think an exam would do much good, and he didn't want to give antibiotics if we don't know what the problem is. He said that if it seems localized right now (just in his chest) that we should just wait and see. If it seems to go systemic and he gets really depressed and loses interest in eating, then he said call, and we'll get some antibiotics into him somehow. Maybe if he actually gets that sick, we can work up a chute with some panels and he won't put up as big of a fight. I hope it doesn't come to that. I don't know what else to do for him. I really am sick of dealing with sick horses that I can't even get close to. I am going to try the pole with him. I think that this situation calls for some now gentling, and maybe he's slowed down enough to think through it. He does seem like a thinker if not pushed to hard. I cleaned out his pen yesterday and he was just fine with me swinging the pitchfork around. I even "trapped" him in the barn and was cleaning in the front part. As I would leave with a pile to dump outside the pen, he would advance, as I would come back, he'd back a couple steps, and we did that dance for a good half hour. He was letting me come pretty close in that confined area by the end, but then again, I was just ignoring him (talking to him once in a while - telling him he needs to quit peeing in his hay in the barn cuz it gets stinky).


Linda said...

I feel BAD for you!! I know there are SMZs you can give them in their grain. You just dissolve them in water and make a slushy--pour it over the grain ration.

I loved the pole method. It was the fastest and best way to gentle Beautiful. She was young, and a bit more insecure. The pole reassured her rather than having her go through the panels, as she originally did or tried to do.

Anonymous said...

Meds in the food may be your best option - hope he doesn't have a major infection brewing. Sorry you and he are having such troubles! Vets should make sure they arrange coverage for vacations - you'd think they could coordinate!

arlene said...

Wildairo peed in his hay at first as well. You must be really stressed out with this. I've been going through a pretty stressful time over Wildairo's feet. It's to the point now where we cannot give him a shot to sedate him. He rears and bolts.

If you do have to sedate him make sure it's a big enough dose that he goes down. Wildairo 'blew through' his sedation. He's a strong horse and when he decided he wasn't going to have his feet picked up that was it.

When Foxsun had pigeon fever it didn't go into his legs, but I heard it can do that. Keep us posted. I wish I could help you somehow.

nikki said...

Maybe you could call another horse vet in a different town or contact the one that you used before you moved to WI?

I hope he gets better soon, and that it's nothing too serious.

Pony Girl said...

This must be so stressful. Like you said, I think it is harder when you can't handle the horse, to try to help them. I dread the day my horse gets a serious injury that requires a lot of needles because he is AWFUL for them, might as well be a wild horse! :) I hope you get a vet to check him out soon, keep us posted. I'm sending warm happy thoughts to Griffin, I hope he gets better soon!!
And have a safe and fun 4th of July!!