Sunday, June 7, 2009

Accident prone

So, guess which accident prone mustang just happened to get another sticker in his leg? Yep, CHICO! For a mustang, he sure gets himself in stupid scrapes! There is a hawthorn bush with big thorns on it in one corner of their new pasture. He must have tried to squeeze himself behind it and got a sticker in his leg. This is in almost the exact same spot near the stifle joint that his other huge sliver was, except that this one is on the opposite hind leg. Crazy horse. My dad saw it first as he was inspecting them as I was shutting the wire gate as they came in from a day on pasture. He pulled it right out. There is some inflammation and a knot under the skin, but we'll give it a few days. I think it's just inflammation. It looks like the whole thorn came out. Good thing he just had his tetanus vaccine! And of course, the tough little horse is not lame at all.


Andrea said...

Ouch! Hawthorn bushes have nasty thorns. Isn't it weird how some horses are so much more accident prone than others? I'm glad it doesn't seem to be bothering him though.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got it out - ouch!