Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guess who is not draining anymore!


Here, Kachina waits for some oats. She thinks she should be given oats at all times of the day, but I only give her pelleted feed mixed with some oats in the morning.

But who can resist that sweet face? I gave her a little tiny scoop.

Look ma! No snot!

And no more pus! Only a few sores in the midst of bare skin that just need to heal up.

Such a sweet face and eyes that say "Hey! I'm ready to be worked with!"

It has been raining the last 3 days straight. It finally let up a little today. I think that Kachina thinks her desert horse self has died and gone to hell. She wasn't liking the fabric pieces I had tacked in the barn hoping to get her accustomed to it so that I could dip them in fly spray and give her some relief from the evil gnats (even though I had most of the fabric wrapped up and hidden - only a tiny piece was visible to get her used to it in stages). Instead she's been too scared to go in the barn. On the first day of rain (and cold weather), I found her soaking wet, shivering outside refusing to go in. I tore the stuff down and tried to convince her it was okay to go in the barn now, but she was still scared to. Later that evening, I checked on her, and she did finally go in. Oops. Poor cold mustang. Griffin was of course fine. He's got some fat and wasn't bothered by the cold wet weather, plus was not scared to go in his half of the barn.

Now we should be getting some dry weather, so their pens will dry out and I can start working with them. I can't WAIT to get in there and seriously get some stuff done with her. First, I want to scoop out old trampled hay and poop.

I'll be gone hiking on Isle Royale in Lake Superior for a week, so I won't be able to work with the horses until after I return. I need to get some nice pictures of Kachina now too. She's filling out ever so slowly. Her chest already looks wider and her backbone is not nearly so prominent.


arlene said...

She does have a sweet face. I bet she'll be easy to work with. Her wounds look like they're healing nice. Have fun on your trip.

Pony Girl said...

I'm glad she is healing up! :) She is so lovely. I hope you have a good hiking trip...I bet you'll miss the horses and can't wait to get back to see and work with them!!

Anonymous said...

Glad Kachina's healing up - she does have a lovely face and once she learns to trust a bit more I bet she'll be wonderful!

nikki said...

I can't wait to hear your stories from working with them. Kachina has really soft eyes and looks so mellow. It'll be fun to see how her personality blossoms.

I'm jealous that you're going to Lake Superior, I love it there! It's funny how cold it can get though when the wind blows from the lake. Have fun and I hope you stay warm and dry!!! :)