Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wish I could have a snow day!!

I am LOVING the snow! And it has definitely felt warmer here the last couple days after our frigid single digit highs. I am so jealous that everyone has been getting snow days and playing in the snow. Unfortunately I work at the university and they don't generally officially call off work.

Plus we have two researchers here that I've been working very hard with so that they can finish up. They both leave early next week and want to get their projects finished up. I've taken the boys (my dogs) out to a couple nearby parks, but not since we got the new snow. I hope to maybe snowshoe this weekend.

I was going to get "puppies in the snow" pics, but my camera is broken! I'm not sure what's wrong with it. I think the problem began when it tried to activate the zoom lens with a low battery, and now that the battery is charged, it still won't open. I'm sad. It's not that old. Maybe I can get it replaced.

So, yesterday, I awoke to the smell of somthing burning in my apartment. I have 3 electric heaters that are set into the walls that heat my apartment. 1 heater quit blowing hot air a while ago, but I just turned it down and ignored it. I still had 2! But yesterday morning, the fan went out on the 2nd heater and the heating element was still turning on, so it was overheating! I'm so glad I was home to discover it and call the electrician. It's so strange though...the day before, as I was going into work, I had this awful thought that what if my heaters malfunctioned and my apartment burned down with my beloved dogs and cats in it! By the time someone saw it was burning, it probably would be too late to save the critters! I think this thought crossed my mind due to the news of the recent barn fire that killed 15 horses (thankfully I don't lock my horses in barns, so that's not an issue). Anyway, I think it was a psychic premonition. All is well now. The electrician fixed the one that was overheating, and is replacing the other. So now I'll have 3 working heaters again!

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Andrea said...

I'm glad you were there and you didn't have a fire!

I worry about that with my dogs this time of year too. Normally they'd be outside when I'm not home, but in this cold they're inside all the time. I started wondering, if my barn fell down with the electric attached, would it burn? Would the horses' shed and the house burn too? We really need to get that taken care of.

If my dad wasn't here visiting I'd invite you out here to play in the snow. We'll have to try to get together sometime after the holidays.

Snowshoeing with the dogs sounds fun!