Friday, December 19, 2008

Wintertime ponies

Winter in WI

Cody and Chico - Most of my mom's pictures of Chico have his face in the frame of the camera. He really likes to see what the people are up to. Silly mustang.

My horses munching their round bale.

I apologize that my most recent posts from the past seem rather scattered. When I started writing them, I wasn’t thinking in a very organized fashion; I just wanted to catch up to late winter 2008 so that I could start posting my training journal for Catlow. I was going to try to talk about each horse separately, but it didn’t seem to make sense that way and so I ended up throwing bits in about each one and it didn’t turn out to be in chronological order. Sorry. From now on it will be better.

That late winter and spring 2008, I decided it was time to really start working with Catlow. Cody and Chico were rideable and going well. Catlow would be 4 years old and if I didn’t get her going, I was worried that we never would. I already knew that Catlow would be a challenge to work with, so I decided that I was going to keep a training journal. The format of the rest of my “posts from the past” will be entries from that journal. I’ll post the date of the journal entry in the title, and then paste the entry in. I’ll tell you now that we made great progress and I hope you enjoy reading them!

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