Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Midst of weaning

The babies have not nursed from their mommas in a few days now.  When they are with the herd, they are quite relaxed, but still come to the barn door to whinny to their mommas on occasion.  When they are in the barn without their mommas, for the most part they are fairly calm, but Charlie paces and really wants to get back out.  When their mommas come in but they are in a stall and can't get near them, they just get frantic!  Especially when the mares then leave the barn.  I know it will take time and it is natural for them to be afraid of being without the herd, but they are so good in every other way that I forget that.  And it catches me off guard when they get so frantic that they are practically running me over!  Charlie is the worst of the two.  But I'm not surprised.  She's just like her mom.

Both babies have lost just a little bit of weight in this whole process.  It seems to be mostly belly weight, cuz they are not too thin anywhere else.  Charlie is also just so refined compared to Denny...but if you saw them together, Charlie has such a wider body and it is difficult to call her more refined than Denny.  It's the legs!!!  Her legs make her seem dainty.

Last weekend the weather was extremely nice - 65 degrees!!!!!  I went for a road ride with a few friends.  I rode Cody.  The snow was melting rapidly and the ground was too soft for trails.  It was a good time.


Shirley said...

Sure love the hip on Charlie.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I sure don't envy you your weaning woes. It wasn't that hard with Scout, because he always had either Bella or Tonka I guess. I never really went through a weaning process with him. Maybe that's why he's such a dork.

I am jealous of your ride though! I can't wait to get back in the saddle. I think next week if the doctor gives me the go ahead I might start ground driving Duncan. :)