Friday, May 22, 2015


Here are a few more pictures from 5/19/15 when Catlow's foal was just 1 day old and Cody's foal was 5 days old.

Catlow's foal is so gangly (still is).  He has such nice big legs.  Very long bones.  He'll grow into them eventually.  He is also curious, friendly, and sometimes naughty already.  But I can pick up all 4 feet, rub him everywhere, and he approaches me for attention.  Then he tries to bite me while I pet him!  He doesn't seem to be afraid of anything, and definitely not me.

Cody's foal is coordinated (has been since birth pretty much), has dainty feminine legs, that can carry her like the wind!  Sliding stops, rollbacks!  She's quite athletic.  She is curious, but very scared of me.  Perhaps it stems from catching her to dip her navel (was very stressful for her), but I did the same to the colt and it didn't phase him.  She is a little spit fire.  I've ridden Cody twice now with the filly following along through the woods.  She can get an attitude if she wants Cody to stop so she can nurse but she keeps walking!  And she kicked my dog, Sage, in the jaw because he was following at her heels sniffing her.  Today she ran over the top of my dog, Jasper, striking at him as she went!  She's testing out her new strength.  I got the color genetics back today.  She is black black.  No smoky black and no dun gene.

I have name ideas for them, but I'm curious to hear any ideas for brainstorming.  Mostly I need barn names.  I have registered names picked out for Cody's foal, but I don't think I'll have her barn name incorporated into it.

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Shirley said...

That's very cool that she is going to be black! It's a very hard colour to plan for. She is quite striking. It's fun figuring out their names, the right one will come to you. I'd stay away from the obvious ones like Ebony, Oprah, Whitney, etc that every black filly gets called. Go with her personality.