Friday, May 8, 2015

And still waiting...

I leave his afternoon and won't be back till Sunday evening.  The mares are not showing any signs of being any closer...which I'm glad for, but I know things can change fast.  I just hope they wait till I get back!  I really want to be here when they foal!

The husband, parents, and neighbors will all be keeping an eye on them for me.  But it will be so hard to be away this weekend!

I took Stormy out for a ride last weekend and ponied Ginger.  They were both really good.  Ginger is a bit reactive to things touching her, so we are working on that.  She's a bit too much horse for my daughter right now, but she has potential.  We are working on it.

Neither her nor Stormy are afraid of water at fact I have trouble keeping them out of it!


Shirley said...

Sure hope you don't miss the birth!

Linda said...

Well, you know there will be babies coming now that you're leaving! LOL. "A watched phone never rings" is the old adage. But I hope not!