Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring rains

It finally rained here this weekend! We needed it badly. The pasture had halted growing and my flowers and our new grass seed were just not coming up! But now, everthing should get moving again!

While it rained softly, the horses hung out under some budding maples. They won't leave their green pasture for anything. In fact, when I call them in to their main little pasture to give a taste of grain and check on them, they come in willingly, but as soon as they are finished, they gallop back out to the pasture. They have hay in their feeder, and that main pasture has actually longer grass now than the big new pasture, but they think that the new pasture is the place to be!

I have had major spring fever this year. I think it had to do with the depression I was feeling in March (seasonal depression mixed with morning sickness and major hormone changes!). As soon as the local garden stores started carrying seeds, I bought my whole garden worth and made a schedule for when I could plant each one indoors to get them started.

These are my current seed flats. The biggest guys here are all tomatoes (heirloom varieties, a red bigboy type tomato, and a cherry tomato mix. I'm going to have so many tomatoes! But that's what I want! I LOVE fresh garden tomatoes and I can hardly bring myself to purchase the icky store tomatoes. I want to do a lot of canning this summer and make a lot of salsa. These seed flats also contain peppers (sweet, pepperocini, mixed hot peppers), broccoli and a few sunflowers I wanted to start early. In a few weeks, I'll get my squash and others started. I can't plant the started seedlings in my garden here until the end of May - the danger of last frost is mid-May.

I visit the garden store every week to browse. Just this last week, they got a bunch of vegetables in. I was disheartened to see how big their veggies are, while mine are just tiny tiny little sprouts still. But, I don't have to plant mine for a while, and the big plants would also have to wait till end of May, so it's silly to buy those now. I have plenty started from seed anyway. However, I DID buy a few flowers! I'm still going to wait to plant them out till later, but I couldn't help myself.

And here is my mean rooster, Rusty. Here he shows off his spurs to me. I think I might trim those spurs soon. I don't want him poking my dogs eyes out as he's trying to protect me from the wicked rooster. His eyes are fine - that's just his third eyelid showing because of the flash.


Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

You have a beautiful herd. I love that they're happy to all stand so close under the trees.

We have a lot of tomato plants too. I can't wait to eat real tomatoes again! That is, if the plants survive. We don't have a lot of luck but I think this year will be better.

Linda said...

I love the pics of your horses huddled under the tree--I wish we had some natural cover like that. They all seem very happy out there. You've got to love the rain--we need it!!

I haven't had luck with tomatoes either. They never ripen in time before the first freeze. Good luck, though!

arlene said...

Rusty looks a little bit like our rooster, Jet Lag. What sort is he?

Kara said...

Rusty is an Americauna. All the chicks he's fathered lay green eggs.

prashant said...

We don't have a lot of luck but I think this year will be better.
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