Saturday, February 27, 2010


Turning Griffin loose was exciting, but also successful! I know it seems like I'm lazy, but facebook is so much easier to load pictures into. So I'm just going to include the link here. Under each picture, I have captions telling the story of how the big event went. I'll just say, no one went through the fence. That's a good thing!

Check out the story!

Below are just a couple pictures from the album to whet your appetite!


Linda said...

Oh, that is too cool, Kara!!! I loved the pictures and captions!!! He's gorgeous and your horses look so clean, makes me miss the snow!! I can't keep the mud off mine this year. :( They're not very fun to photograph. Beautiful hasn't been out in the pasture yet--only the corral with the other horses. I'm excited to let her go. It looks like yours had plenty of room to romp around and get free of each other. Good for Cody for sticking it to him!!! The youngsters are easily persuaded, I think. She probably would have kept going until it killed her!! Truly, I can't believe he kept at it that long--he's definitely too big for his britches! Congratulations on getting over that hurdle, so much of your work will be done by the other horses now. Hope you're feeling good!

Anonymous said...

He's beautiful - love the photos!