Friday, February 26, 2010

Big day tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day!

I'm going to turn Griffin loose with the herd. Please wish me luck!

For some bonding time, I hung out with him this evening and gave him a good currying. He really has warmed up to me. He still gets antsy when I am near his butt. He'll stand still while I'm brushing, but the second that I stop to clean out the brush, he has to back up and swing his butt away so that I'm at his head. That's where he feels most comfortable. Then he can sniff the curry comb while I clean it out.

His chest is especially itchy. He loves when I scratch there. He also has the most interesting whorl on his chest. I think this is called a "wheat ear". Some people think that whorls in certain places or of certain patterns mean something about the horse...I'm not sure, but I do think it's true that a horse with many many wierd whorls might have some mental developmental difficulties.

LOOK! Proof that spring really IS coming! Griffin is really shedding out! I had a cloud of hair swirling around me as I brushed him tonight.

Then I went over to brush Kachina and try to get some photos of her bites. They don't show up so well in pictures. But basically, each one of these scuffed hair marks is a little bare patch. The worst are right behind her jaw.

These pictures do not do these bites justice. They are huge! But they are also buried in hair.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet he does well with the herd. Love that chest whorl - very fancy. Poor Kachina - looks like she's on the receiving end for the more dominant horses.

nikki said...

Good Luck!!! Hope they behave and make you proud!

Linda said...

I remember the nervousness before letting Beautiful out with the herd--good luck!

I have a friend who trains who says the swirl patterns to personality often prove right--but I think it's mostly head swirls.

Pony Girl said...

Interesting about the whorl. I think there was an article in Equus magazine last year or something.
I hope Griffin's entry into the herd goes well!!
Do you think Kachina will stop getting bitten at some point? Sad to see her so marked up. :(

Kara said...

I know, I'm sad to see her so marked up too. It'll be really ugly once she sheds out all her long hair. She has such thin skin and fine hair. But it's kind of her own fault. She's sassy, and she sassed them to their face, and then she gets bit!