Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hoof trims on the wild ones!

Today I trimmed Kachina's back hooves (this took some patience but by the end she was standing still and was very comfortable with me)

Then I trimmed Griffin's front hooves! He was great! And I hadn't worked with him much lately either. He was very comfortable compared to Kachina's first time.

Kachina's front hooves after her big girl trim yesterday.

Back hooves before trim

Back hooves after trim

Whatcha doin' down there? Taking pictures of your hooves my gorgeous wild pony!

The sunflowers around Griffin's pen are flowering.

Griffin's super long front hooves! This is before trim.

This is how much I took off!

One hoof done, one still to go!

Pretty trimmed front hooves!


Andrea said...

Wow! They look so much better! I can't believe how long their hooves were. Do you think they were trimmed at all during their stay with the BLM, or just left alone since capture? I wonder if not all the facilities have the tilt table thingie that they have in Oregon.

Kara said...

They were a tad bit long when we picked them up in May, but not nearly that bad. They've grown a lot in the last couple months. I'm really not sure if they were trimmed or not. They did have them over winter when they aren't growing much...I'm not sure.

I felt terrible watching them get longer and longer, but they weren't quite ready for me to feel safe attempting to trim their hooves. It went so smoothly today that I'm glad I took my time with them!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice that they both let you trim their feet - they look really good! I can remember the time, not so long ago, when neither one would even let you near.