Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some new and old pictures to share

Well, I haven't posted anything new in a long time...primarily because I've been busy, don't have my horses here, and my camera was broken! Today I feel motivated to get caught up and I also thought it would be an opportunity for you all to get to know me a little better.

First off, I just want to tell everyone that I got tickets to see the the Midwest Extreme Mustang Makeover finals in April! I'll be home in WI by then. I got 2 tickets for the close-up seats. Not sure who I'll bring with me dad would enjoy coming along, I think. I'm excited to see everyone whose blogs I've discovered along the way.

I did get a new camera, but I got the cheapest digital camera I could buy because I can't afford the one I really want right now, but I NEED a camera!

A week or two ago I took my dogs for a walk one evening after dark down to Mtn View Park. I found the park completely flooded with the rushing I rushed off to the store to buy a digital camera so I could document it.

In the morning light, it wasn't quite as intimidating, but still impressive. This is a soccer field next to the creek, so it is very low ground, hence the flooding. No where else in Moscow was flooded that I found. I know it isn't much compared to what every one was getting west of here.

If you look closesly, you can see a swan in this photo.

Since I now have a camera, I'm back in action! Of course, I cannot help taking photos around my apartment. If you didn't know, I have 2 dogs, a few cats, and some birds.

Here is my poochy, Sage, gazing wistfully out the window, hoping I'll take him outside soon. I was having my morning coffee and he was waiting patiently.

Two of my cats are always competing for the "top cat" position. Here, Teasel sits on my lap, while Ghost considers knocking her off. Teasel is my oldest cat and she is declawed, so I always stick up for her. It's not fair that the young whipper-snapper with claws gets to come in and knock her off her dignified post.

Ghost doesn't like getting scolded for picking on Teasel, so she gives me a dirty look. What do you think she is thinking?

My christmas cactus has 2 flowers this year! I love my plants. I hope I can manage to take them all home with me. Many of them made the trip to ID with me, so it'd be a shame to leave them behind, but I might be short on room, and I'll be moving at the end of March. It's possible that we might still have some really cold days/nights and the plants won't make it anyway.

My dog, Jasper, is my devoted loyal companion who wants to be by my side constantly. Just before I took this picture, I was getting ready to leave for work and telling Jasper that he was gonna have to stay here. He was looking so pitifully sad that I grabbed my camera to snap a picture, but then he realized I was doing something different and he perked up thinking that my actions meant maybe I'd be taking him with me. Doesn't he look so hopeful? I felt bad bursting his bubble and leaving him behind.

The next series of photos are from this morning. I love when the frost accumulates on everything like this. It's so beautiful! This first pic is out my front window.

Frost on a branch.

Here is a shot of the backside of my apartment. I live on the top floor. My landlady picked out the color scheme, not me...

And now for a few pictures that will maybe give you some insight into my obsessive nature. I love birds. In my apartment I have a large aviary (4ft by 5ft by 6ft). I currently only have about 30 birds, mostly zebra finches and java finches, but also a couple society finches, and random small finches.

I used to have many more birds and was actively breeding them and selling to local pet stores. Since the economy has slowed down, no one is buying as many pets, so I've stopped breeding and sold off most of my birds. The ones I have left I'm hoping to be able to take with me back to WI, but if not, they'll be sold too.

This is a picture of my aviary a couple years ago back when I had many birds...and yes, those are baby chickens on the floor. That was the spring when I got into hatching eggs. Those are chicks I hatched out from eggs that I had sent to me through ebay. It's amazing how resilient eggs are when they are packed right.

I also hatched out some Chinese painted quail (button quail). They are so cute when they are babies! So tiny! I put a quarter in the cage to give some scale.

As adults, they are still tiny (about the size of a week old standard sized chicken), so they make great additions for the floor of an indoor aviary.

It was difficult to keep up with taking care of so many critters (cleaning up after them and the cost of food). I was still in grad school at the time. I think the bird obsession was to distract me from the fact that my project wasn't going so smoothly (I had some issues getting permits to have my samples exported from Peru to here). I've cut back a lot on the birds now, and life is much more manageable. But I still love my birds...not in the same way as my cats, dogs, and horses. I love to watch them flit about their business in the morning while I'm drinking my coffee. It's very relaxing. Everytime I change their water, everyone comes down to the floor to bathe in it. They are very entertaining...much better than a TV.

Anyway, now you know a lot more about me, probably more than you ever wanted to know!

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