Sunday, January 11, 2009


I went riding with Andrea today. I rode Cisco. Aside from a bit of antsy-ness in the beginning he settled in quick and was pretty calm on our 4 mile loop ride. He calmly surveyed a moose trotting through the trees, while Tonka became really worried about it (but who can blame him, moose are huge and wierd looking!) We had a good ride, but I am not in riding shape anymore! My butt hurts so much right now! My butt bones are bruised (must have lost my calluses), and I actually have a cramp in a muscle that connects to my butt bone (wierd place, I know, and a weird pain). The cramp didn't show up until after I'd been parked on my couch relaxing while eating roasted chestnuts for a while (not diet food, but I had to eat them before they all dried out). I guess you lose your riding shape FAST when you don't ride at all for a while, and it's exaggerated when you ride in a saddle you aren't used to. I think I'll be really sore tomorrow judging by the stiffness I already feel in my thighs. It's pathetic, I know. But thanks for taking me riding, Andrea! I did have fun, even though I'm complaining about my poor physical fitness right now! It was great and I like Cisco!

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