Monday, November 10, 2008


This morning, I said the final goodbye to my very good friend. It was tearful and very hard, but I know we will stay in touch and I will see her again!

My dad arrives here in Moscow tomorrow! Right now he is sleeping in Missoula. He'll arrive at 2pm, I'll meet him, then we'll pick up Catlow and go take my lesson on her.

Wednesday will be last minute packing...

Then we leave on Thursday morning! Countdown: 3 days!

I don't think I'll be able to post pictures during our trip, but I'll definitely get them up as soon as I get back.

Please cross your fingers that our trip goes well! I have never hauled horses this far before! I have a first aid kit, we shouldn't be on the road for longer than 8 hours in any one day, and my horses accept trailering pretty well (except for Catlow - has never trailered, but she loads well!). The weather should be good, but my dad's truck is very loaded down (even with an empty horse trailer), so we'll be going quite slow and easy.

And cross your fingers for my friend, who leaves tomorrow morning to drive her horses to Colorado. I love you Windy!!!


Andrea said...

Good luck on your trip! I hope you and Windy both make it to your destinations with no trouble at all.

Linda Reznicek said...

Yes, good luck with the road trip! I'm sure it will go well, but let us know when you get there.