Friday, May 26, 2017

Catch up

My babies Charlie and Denny both turned 2 years old this month and they've really grown!!!!  My appy pony Shimmer is 4 and is doing really well with riding.  Earlier this year I did radiographs on Chico's hocks and discovered why he has been so on and off lame over the last several years.  H.e has severe arthritis of his distal hock joints and it even has calcified the collateral ligaments.  Same in both hocks so it's likely just him, no injury.  He's been a pasture pet for the last several years anyway.  Now I guess he's permanently retired.  Cody, Catlow and Stormy are all doing well.

I just want to show some catchup pictures of this spring.  I can't believe how awesome my babies are turning out.  I'm so pleased with both of them. My human baby is growing a ton too!  She's six years old!
Catlow and her baby Denny (Cody photo bombing)

Charlie and her Momma Cody


Charlie and Cody

My new puppy Aladdin and Shimmer

Denny and sissy Charlie

Charlie and Denny




Stormy (my daughter leading her)

Stormy and my daughter

My dad riding Catlow on a trail ride

Cody and her spring dapples


Denny making baby face at Uncle Chico


Denny and my daughter

Denny and his momma Catlow

Charlie and her first trip away from home



Shirley said...

They are all beautiful! It must make you happy looking out at that herd.

Linda said...

How sweet. You have a beautiful family there: horses, dog, and especially your beautiful horsey-daughter. It is the greatest thing to share our love of horses with a daughter. My girl is 25 now and still playing with horses with me.