Monday, February 15, 2016

Shimmer and the saddle

I love this little filly.  I saddled her for the first time tonight.  I've only done basic groundwork with her...lunging, sending, some obstacle stuff, taught her to stand for fly spray (she was terrified at first).  She has become a solid little horse.  She's not spooky and is going to be a great kids pony someday!  She took to saddling as though she'd been saddled every day her whole life.  The saddle was more interesting when it was on the fence than when it was on her back.  And the other babies thought it was pretty weird to have a saddle on Shimmer.  She is just a hair too small for my saddles.  She has also not lost any of her incisors yet suggesting that she is still only barely 2 years old, though I was told they thought she'd be 3 this year.


Linda said...

That's great. Beautiful didn't react to the saddle either. She hasn't ever cared much about it, but I haven't followed it up with in the saddle training. Hopefully this year.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

She sounds like a good one!