Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring is trying to come to WI

Stormy - she just often has this quizzical interested look on her face when we are anywhere near the horses.

She has to come and check us out.  We might have treats after all.

She comes right up to my daughter (isn't she getting big!?!  She'll be 4 in Sept.).  Stormy's look says she isn't really begging for treats...maybe more of a scratch.

She's just a sweet little mare that puts up with my daughter's cuddles.

This is the look that Chico gets on his face when he sees my daughter walking/dancing/frolicking across the pasture.  He still doesn't quite know what to think about her.

Probably for good reason.  She IS pretty silly most of the time.

Cody just stands looking like the regal quarter horse that she is.

Catlow is around the corner stuffing her face with hay.  She lost more weight than the others did during this very cold winter.  She's not thin.  I can barely feel her ribs and you can't see them, but she lost all muscle tone over her back and in general looks like she needs some fattening.  She's working on it.  And the green grass that is trying to grow will help her.

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