Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall colors are ablazing!

These pictures are from a week ago. The colors in the woods across the pasture were just on fire! It's the brightest display of fall colors I've seen in a LONG time! The unique part was that most of the trees seemed to hit their peak simultaneously! Normally the color change is a little more drawn out so by the time "peak" occurs, several trees are already naked. I'm not sure if this summer's drought had anything to do with it, but we have had an early fall color bloom. I know the cool nights and sunny days have contributed to the color, but I can't see how this year has been so different from other years...I really wonder if the drought is to blame. Enjoy!




Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Wow, lucky you! Gorgeous! We don't get a lot of fall color here on our property, and this year we've been robbed of the little amount we do get. The leaves are shriveling up and falling off without changing. :(

Christine said...

Indeed, these photos show the amazing colour! I'm a bit envious :)