Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lovely crocus!

The crocus in my woods is out in full flower! It's so pretty against the brown leaves.

In this little stretch of wood edge I have many crocus, daffodils, and irises planted. Only the one crocus is up so far but there are many more poking through. I just need a few days of warmer weather and sunshine...and penned up chickens!

I love my chickens, but I'm a bit mad at them right now. They won't stay out of my flowerbeds and they've been eating off all the tiny buds coming up! I know I'd have more flowers if they'd quit picking them off. They were also dustbathing and digging big holes in the mulch in one flowerbed so I had to put wire over the top of it. We've been having this problem only because we hadn't finished the chicken yard fence yet. It was mostly up, but one stretch still needed wire. We had to abort construction last fall due to bad weather arriving. And it wasn't an issue in the winter since the chickens were blockaded in the coop to keep them warmer. And even on nice days when I let them out, they didn't venture far in the snow. But now with the snow gone and my delicate spring flowers coming up, I can't have them running loose (although them loose sure decreases the feed bill). Last night we finished the fence. So now I am looking forward to more flowers But I did notice one particularily able hen outside the pen this morning...I think I'll be clipping some wing feathers later!

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Linda said...

Oh sweet! I've been photographing mine, too. I enjoy the crocuses in lieu of sunshine for now.