Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another online adoption

The BLM is hosting another online adoption starting March 2nd. So far, there are not many horses uploaded online, but I think they'll probably add more before the adoption begins. What's special about these horses is that they are offering youngsters from the Sulphur Utah herd management area again - where Griffin and Kachina came from.

I am very unhappy with their photos of the horses this time though...they took them indoors in a small pen, so there are almost no good conformation shots and many are dark and shadowy, so the horses' coloring doesn't come through well. I think that a good picture is worth a thousand words and can make the difference between adoption and getting passed over. I wish they would have done better for these horses.

All the horses look a little rough, but I think it's exaggerated due to poor picture quality.

I LOVE this little filly's face! (wish I had more room!) She is so cute, even though I can see she's stressed (snot running down her nose).
Horse #4547

One of my favorite horses listed so far is this little 2 year old mare. Her facial expressions are wonderful and she is beautiful, although I fear that fact won't come across for most people and she may be passed up (because she is only bay and the pictures are terrible).
Horse #4543

Come on BLM, next time do better! It's worth it for you if it increases the likelihood of the horses to be adopted!


Linda said...

It breaks my heart to see the Mustangs neededing adoption. I'm so glad I have Beautiful, but it's like seeing her everytime I see one of them. There's nothing better than taking them out on the road so people can really get a sense of their different personalities--pictures just don't do justice. I would NEVER have adopted a Mustang if I hadn't seen Beautiful at Ride the West in the BLM pens. It was fate, and my heart honed right in on her and only her. A picture wouldn't have done that for me.

nikki said...

I was thinking the same thing when I was scrolling through the pictures. I think it makes a huge difference on the number of online adoptions.