Thursday, January 27, 2011

wild dreams

The horses spend lots of time out in the big pasture, even with the several feet of snow. Most of the time they are just loafing out here...

...but they also spend a lot of time digging through the snow for grass.

They have a feeder full of second crop alfalfa grass mix, but yet still they dig.

Are they lacking some minerals, even with two different kinds of mineral salt blocks?

Or are they listening to their wild hearts and keeping up their snow digging expertise just in case they return to the wild someday?

This of couse wouldn't apply to the 3 domestic born horses.

But even they must be wild in their dreams.

Even the tiniest member of the herd.

Her face bears the evidence of her grass hunting, even though she must have the most difficult time of all digging with her tiny hooves.

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Linda said...

I'm going to guess that they just wanting to graze because mine are doing the same thing. There's no more snow here, but they're going out and scrounging around rather than eating out of their feeder (some of the day, that is.) All of your horses looks really, really good. Fat and healthy.