Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update on Cody at the trainer

Cody has been with the trainer for 2 weeks now. I called yesterday to see how she is doing and got a return call today. Patti said that the first day they worked with her, Cody acted like she'd just been ridden last week (when in reality it was last fall!). I was pleased to hear that. She's never had a break this long before, so it's good to know she is a horse than I don't have to consistently work with to be able to trust. She said Cody is doing great, but she feels like she lopes like a young horse (uncoordinated and uncollected). I've loped her a lot in the past in arena and on trails, but she was very overweight and pretty out of shape when I took her to the trainer this summer, so that could have something to do with it. She also said that she was dropping her shoulder out on circles, but that's typical when a horse hasn't been ridden in a while. Cody's biggest problem, the trainer said, is that she is afraid of the other horses when ridden in the arena with them! I was surprised, since I've ridden her a ton with other horses, but I guess I've never ridden her in huge groups with horses coming up behind her and passing her. She said she is better when they ride toward her, but horses coming up behind her really scares her. So, she's working her through those issues and now she'll introduce her to a bit with a shank and start teaching her to really respond to neck reining cues. The trainer would really like to keep her for two months, but I really just want to do one month. I know she'd benefit, but we have a lot of expenses coming up soon with a baby, plus I'd maybe like to send Griffin to her this fall (if I ever get the round pen in and start working with him). So, I need to keep that in mind. I think she'll benefit from just one month too. But, overall, I was pleased her hear about how she was doing. I was unsure, since she's been a pasture ornament since last fall. Good to hear there were no attitude issues or laziness.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear about her progress - thanks for the update.

Linda said...

Sounds like a good trainer to give you a good, honest assessment and know what to work through! I don't blame you for doing one month considering your pregnancy--sounds like she's getting plenty and learning fast.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sometimes just being in a new place can make a horse unsure of traffic. It's hard to know what gets inside their little brains sometimes.